We have over 7 years of experience organising various events involving attractions, ‘Upside Down House’ is a unique experience.

The Benefits of an Upside Down House

  • You will have a return within 1-2 years
  • Higher footfall in your area
  • A unique attraction – gathers attention
  • A fun event for all ages
  • Can be open during all seasons

‘Upside Down House’ is a safe attraction, there are no moving structures or elements. The design is interpreted as a museum with all of its furnishings Upside Down, that is how the illusion is created – you walk on the ceiling.

Upside Down House Ingredients

  • Two storey house
  • Rooms: Kitchen, Living Room, Children’s Bedroom, Master Bedroom, Bathroom
  • The house consists of all necessary furnishings
  • Maximum limit of 20 individuals at one time inside, depending on working hours you can expect 1500 customers
  • Customers spend an average of 10mins inside
  • Recommended price of £4-6 per entry
  • Construction – 3 months, on site construction 10 days
  • A total space of 23x23m is required during the construction period
  • The house once completed will take a total space of 9x11m

If you are interested we would be more than happy to provide you with more information, use our contact page to get in touch.