Head Office | Upside Down House UK Ltd, 1B Station Approach, Grays, RM17 6NQ

Cribbs Causeway

upside down house – CRIBBS CauSEWAY

Attention: Please read rules and information display prior to entering. Motion sickness may apply due to the house being at a slant.

Ticket prices

£4.00 Per person during the week

£5.00 Per person on the weekends and Bank Holidays

Children under the age of 3 go free.
Group discounts available at the Ticket Office.

working hours

10:00 AM to 20:00 PM | Monday to Wednesday
10:00 AM to 20:00 PM | Thursday & Friday
10:00 AM to 20:00 PM | Saturdays
11:00 AM to 17:00 PM | Sundays
10:00 AM to 18:00 PM | Bank Holidays

we are here

The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol BS34 5DG
Phone: 07907451017
Email: info@upsidedownhouse.co.uk

Access Statement

Upside Down House UK ™ takes a responsible approach with regards to policies and procedures for guests with a disability visiting our attraction. We aim to maintain a consistent approach and aim to meet and exceed the expectations of the Equality Act 2010.
Upside Down House UK ™ welcomes guests with disabilities, together with their carers. We aim to provide clear and accurate information to help guests with a disability plan and enjoy their visit at Upside Down House UK ™.


Guests can access the ground floor via a temporary ramp, leading into the inverted experience with plenty of photo opportunities. The attraction itself has 2 floors, separated by a spiral staircase, with no lift or ramp alternative to the second floor. The ground floor is part-accessible for wheelchairs. Upside Down House within intu centres is in situ near accessible parking spaces. Accessible toilets can be found inside the centres with the guidance of directions. If you do have any questions, please do ask a member of staff at the ticket office.
If you have any questions, please contact us via email: info@upsidedownhouse.co.uk
We are committed to creating a safe environment to ensure the health, safety & welfare of all staff and visitors.

Risk Assessment | COVID-19

As advised by the Government all employers should carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment. Suggested amendments to the current risk assessment are below.


  • Disposable masks will be provided to customers who request them.
  • Automatic Anti-bacterial dispensers will be on site, and Customers MUST use on exit and entry.
  • Upside Down House recommends online and contactless payment to minimize physical contact between customer and staff.
  • 2m queue spacing will be marked and queue barriers will be implemented. The queue will remain with the section marked green below, which is within the red boundary.
  • Only groups of people from two separate houses will be allowed within the house at the same time.
  • If we see large build up of queues, staff may ask customers to leave the house to minimise the potential of contact.
  • There is a member of staff inside the house at all times, which will control the flow of people inside the house to ensure safe distance is kept.
  • Two groups of customers must exit the house first, before the next two groups of customers enter.
  • Queue barriers will be in place for safe social distancing and crowd control.
  • The high traffic areas of the house including the areas within touching distance of the customers will be cleaned three times a day, including mid-morning, lunch, and mid-afternoon.
  • There will be nightly cleaning of the entire house.
  • Customers cannot enter the house if they have any symptoms of Covid-19, including a fever, or cough, and will be asked prior to entering.
  • We can only allow 12 people maximum inside the house. Separated by bubbles of 6 people between each floors, downstairs and upstairs to allow for social distancing measures.
  • Please scan the QR code at the entry of the house via the NHS Track & Trace App.


  • If a staff member develops any Covid-19 symptom, their name is entered into a register and they will be asked to self-isolate.
  • Staff have been given contact details of their employer to raise any concerns over their safety.
  • Staff have been provided with hand sanitizing facility and products to wash to and clean surfaces frequently.
  • All staff have been provided with a facemask, gloves and hand sanitizer to minimise spread of infection.
  • Staff have been advised that when customers show their tickets (where purchased online), customers are to place the device against the ticket office window, for a member of staff to scan with the provided scanner.
  • There may be reduced visiting time for customers to mitigate staff’s exposure.
  • Staff will not be working side by side or face to face, and will be at a one metre plus distance at all times.


Where an individual has purchased online, they will be notified that their contact details will be recorded in a temporary record for 21 days, and that they will be contacted via the email provided in the event Upside Down House becomes aware of an infected individual.


  • All rooms inside the house are inverted which causes the illusion of zero-gravity experience.
  • Please do not tinker/try to grab and hold onto any props inside the house if you cause any damage to the props you will be asked to leave immediately and will be denied of future entry.
  • If you are pregnant and or may have severe motion sickness, we recommend that you do not partake in this experience.
  • You may be denied entry if you seem dizzy, drunk or under the influence of illegal substance.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the house.
  • No eating & drinking inside the house if at any point you are feeling unwell, please speak to a member of staff.
  • Please be mindful of others when inside the house, we would like this to be a great experience for all.
  • Be careful when entering the house and using the staircase to prevent any slips and trips.
  • There can only be a total number of 20 individuals inside, please be patient, entry and exit is regulated by a member of staff.